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Grab your first bag of freshly roasted Pact coffee for only £1!

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This deal has been published more that a week ago. It is likely that the stated prices are no longer valid or dates are no longer available.

We are obsessing a bit over Pact coffee at the moment. These guys deliver freshly roasted speciality coffee straight to your door, so you needn't worry about running out ever again. But best of all, they are sourcing their beans through Direct Trade which means that the hard-working farmers get premium prices for their coffee (that means between 25 - 125% over Fairtrade rates!) It's a win-win situation, really!

No more boring instant coffee in sight. Instead, be your own Barista. Choose your bean, grind and more for a totally customized cup of Java, and explore the many intricate flavours in the world of coffee!


Booking info

Timeframe: 29. Jun. 2020 - 4. Jul. 2020
  • Sign up now to get your first bag of coffee for £1. Cancel anytime online.

    Please note -- *Prices are correct at time of publishing, based on the sample dates provided and are subject to fluctuation, depending on availability. Inventory may be limited. Special T&C’s may apply.


  • Provider: Pact Coffee
  • Customized Subscription
  • Get your first coffee bag for £1
  • Promotion ends 5th July
  • Different grinds available
  • Letterbox-friendly packaging
  • Skip or pause option
  • Prices start from £6.95 per 250g bag
  • Cancel anytime
  • Call 0203 095 3975 or email

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