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Enter to win a sabbatical in the Bahamas with Airbnb!

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Ahoy pirates!

Have you ever wanted to just take a few months off and relax on the beach? A sabbatical in the sun sounds dreamy, but what if you could also do some good at the same time? Lucky for you, the opportunity of a lifetime is here. In the wake of the devastating Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, Airbnb has started a project to support the people of the Caribbean islands — and they want your help!


You heard right! You can spend this April and May on the three so-called “family islands” (Andros, Eleuthera and Exumas) of the Bahamas (a country made up of more than 700 islands total). Join their passionate community and help preserve the unique culture and rich natural resources of the Bahamas for locals and visitors alike. Over the course of your two months on the islands, you will be involved with projects for coral reef renewal, fishing, pineapple cultivation and boat building. You will also be able to participate in projects that hope to preserve the unique cultural heritage of the Bahamas.

For this project, Airbnb is working with the Bahamas National Trust, a nonprofit organization that looks after the parks of the island state and aims to preserve natural habitats. Its executive director Eric Carey told Airbnb that the Bahamas are "open for business” and that these sabbaticals are a way to “share our diverse country and Bahamian lifestyle with the world”. Sounds great to us!


Tempted to ditch the office for this sunny sabbatical? Then register here until applications close on February 18, 2020. Then all that’s left to do is persuade your boss to give you the time off! Trust us, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is absolutely worth it.

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24. Feb. 2020 8:40 pm

Just what I need a perfect break in the sun.