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Fan of the Maldives? Maybe you should join their loyalty program - the first of its kind

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With its tranquil beaches and photo-ready resorts, the Maldives really does have it all. If you're lucky enough to have already visited this stunning island archipelago (and even if you haven't), you'll love the news that they are releasing a loyalty program.

For a country where they make 2/3 of their overall income from tourism, 2020 has been a really tough year for the bucket list destination. Therefore the Maldivian government have come up with a pioneering plan to boost tourism in the future - a loyalty program.

Much like a Boots or Nectar card or an airline loyalty program, you'll gain points over 3 tiers - Aida (bronze), Antara (silver) and Abaarana (gold).

Points can be gained in a number of ways, from staying in specific hotels to partaking in activities within the country. However, details on WHAT you can spend your points on have yet to be released.

There will also be bonus points for things like visits for honeymoons or staying over certain mystery dates over the year.

Sound right up your street? Enrol here and start collecting points with your next visit to the Maldives!

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