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Feeling like a silly sausage? You can now book and stay in the iconic Wienermobile

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Attention hot dog lovers! There's a place where you can eat hot dogs, dream about them and the best part- sleep in a hot dog. The Wienermobile is the original advertising car of Oscar Mayer - the largest producer of hot dogs (and baloney) in the USA, and now you spend an evening in the Wienermobile.

The Wienermobile, this lovely aerodynamic banger, is located in Chicago and is really cosy, so that every hot dog fan can comfortably eat his favourite delicacies and of course also relax. In the middle you will find a bed, a lounge, and outside the bathroom and picnic area - of course hot dog! The hot dogs of Oscar Mayer are waiting in the fridge, original Mayer's grill is available, and the whole is decorated with the hot dog art of the local artist Laura Kiro. Plus there's a welcome gift - accessories inspired by hot dogs (who knew?).

It is worth noting that this sausage is not only an overnight stay, but of course a car. You can rent it for one night, but also take it during the day for a ride!


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