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Travel Inspo: Easter Island, mysterious, magical and a must do!

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Pirates, after you're done tucking into a delicious meal followed by one too many chocolate eggs why not turn your attention to the mysterious, bucket list destination Easter Island. With Easter upon us in this trying times, the call to search for far flung destinations is almost irresistible.

East Island has, and always will be filled with mystery and wonder. So check out our tips when travelling to this remote location.

How to get there:

Due to it's remote location - almost 1300 miles off the Chilean coast - flights will usually be your biggest expense when booking a trip. Think of grabbing a low season discount or booking your flights separately. Keep an eye out for low fares to Santiago (the capital of Chile) and then add on an extra flight to the island, combining 2 trips in 1!


Where to stay:

Easter Island is a destination built for any budget, from high class beach resorts to quaint home stays there is something for every traveller.


What to see and do:

Famously one of the most far flung destinations to access from the UK, the iconic Easter Island is famous for it's feature stone heads, Moai. Some of the biggest are 10 metres tall and weighed up to 82 tons, so the debate still rages as to just how the ancient tribes were able to transport them around the island. The theory is that they were carved in order to show respect to ancestors, the remembrance of which was a key part of island life. They tended to be found at the coast facing inland - the ancestors looking over their descendants. Several Moai have been restored around the island and can be visited.

After that injection of culture it's time to relax. Easter island has a plethora of gorgeous beaches to choose from, most also boasting some of the most incredible sunsets you'll ever experience.

The island is great for nature lovers, with hikes and bike rides (and hire from as little as $13 a day) a plenty.

For those passport stamp fans out there, flying from Santiago means that your documents will not be stamped at passport control (Easter Island is part of Chile), visit a post office to et your passport marked with a unique stamp that will gain bragging rights until it's renewed!

So why not enjoy a post lockdown getaway to this bucket list destination and create memories that will last a life time?

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