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You can rent AN ENTIRE ISLAND in Italy (and it's not as expensive as you might think)!

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That's right, Pirates, you can rent out this beautiful Italian farmhouse, situated on its very own secluded island, for just £38 per person, per night!

Located in Northern Italy, in a lagoon not far from Venice, this huge, 50-acre island can accommodate up to 16 guests in six bedrooms, making it the perfect holiday destination for a group of friends.

As it's an island, you can only reach it via boat! You'll begin your holiday adventure by hitching a ride with your hosts from Treporti Church in Cavallino, and it's just a short, 8 minute boat journey over to your island stay.

Just check out the huge lagoon from above!

This beautiful Venetian Farmhouse is family-run - there's even a resident dog and a pony. You'll get to fully embrace the island life with one of the many activities available such as fishing, biking, kayaking and birdwatching. Plus, you can enjoy all the local, fresh produce cultivated on the island such as artichokes, tomatoes and honey - delicious.

Staying here costs £601 a night, which sounds like a lot however if you get a group of friends together and have the max number of 16 people staying on the island, that works out at £38 per person, per night!

Fancy booking this Italian island getaway? Simply click here.

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